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Services & Capabilities


  • Executive Development & Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Assessments

    • MBTI, DISC, True Colors, Retirement Options Profile, Benchmarks 360,

    • Firo-B, Thomas-Kilmann Conflict Mode, Strong Interest, and many others

    • Customized and off the shelf organizational assessments

  • Performance Management

  • Career Counseling

  • Career Transition & Outplacement

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Organizational Development

  • Research & Organizational Studies (Statistical Analysis)

  • Disability Compliance & Reasonable Accommodations

  • Experts in Working with Deaf & Hard of Hearing Employees

  • American Sign Language (ASL)

  • Training--Customized and Off the Shelf


Through our Consulting firm and strategically chosen partners we provide virtually every Federal agency practical solutions for mission-critical challenges in the areas of career management, outplacement, human resource consulting, executive coaching, leadership development, succession planning, outplacement, workforce development, assessment, and disability management. We are often sought after for our special capabilities in helping organizations create inclusive environments by focusing on the abilities of workers with disabilities.



Mission: Partnerships for Excellence in Public Service


Pressman Consulting, LLC is a global provider of human resource (HR) services that specializes in career management, career counseling, executive coaching, outplacement & relocation facilitation, strategic workforce planning & development, training, mentoring, disability programs and organizational development solutions in the Federal Government. Our programs, services, and consultants consistently maximize Agency return on investment.








I. Introduction


Pressman Consulting, LLC (PC, LLC) is sought after for their expertise in providing career management, workforce development, outplacement, and disabilities programs to the Federal Government. Having served over 30 agencies with various HR programs, our unparalleled depth of experience makes PC, LLC uniquely qualified in the Federal arena.


PC, LLC based in Arlington, Virginia is registered and classified as a woman owned small business in the Department of Defenses Central Contracting Registry (CCR) and with the Small Business Administration (SBA).


PC, LLC has been providing services to the Federal government since 1992. What makes us different? We have high standards and a reputation for providing the best in practice, proven methods, and measurable results. Maximizing your return on investment (ROI) is a major part of our mission.


​II. Recent Notable Accomplishments


Pressman Consulting, LLC was awarded a contract with the U.S. Department of Transportation to implement a disability management training program for managers across the Federal Highway Administration.


Pressman Consulting, LLC teamed with two companies and was awarded contracts from the U.S. Department of Treasury.


  • the first with the Internal Revenue Service to conduct a study of communications between managers and their deaf and hard of hearing employees, and deaf and hard of hearing customers of the Agency;

  • the second with the Financial Management Service (FMS) to provide career transition and outplacement services.


For the Department of Veteran's Affairs at the National Cemetery Administration's brand new National Training Center in St. Louis, Pressman Consulting, LLC assisted the Center with developing their mission and vision statements and provided career management training to new leaders/administrators of national cemeteries.


For the Intelligence Community, Pressman Consulting, LLC designed and delivered a Federal Career Advisor Certification™ Program to Career Management Officers. High performance evaluations led to a second implementation of the program.


Pressman Consulting, LLC also developed and implemented a new set of topics for Lunch & Learn seminars series for the 2005-2006 Fiscal Year in the Intelligence Community. And perhaps most importantly, the company provided training and consulting work opportunities to 10 top professionals in the areas of Federal career management, research & statistics, and organizational development.


Dr. Sue Pressman, President & CEO was presented with the Founder's Award from the nonprofit organization, Deaf & Hard of Hearing in Government (DHHIG) on the 10th anniversary of the organization


​III. Expertise


Our consultants rank among the highest in their fields because we only employ the most knowledgeable, highly educated, and experienced in the Federal arena, management consultants, trainers, counselors, coaches, and researchers. They hold Doctoral and Masters degrees, licensing and certifications in their areas of expertise and many years of experience in their disciplines. Pressman Consulting, LLC is often sought after for our special capabilities in helping organizations create inclusive environments by focusing on the abilities of workers with disabilities.


Whether creating a custom program based on your organization's unique needs or choosing "what's on the shelf," our team will provide you and your customers with the perfect combination of "large business resources" with "small business attention and overhead."


Through our consulting firm and strategically chosen partners we provide the Federal government with practical solutions for mission-critical challenges in the areas of:


  • Career Management

  • Outplacement

  • Workforce Development (Training)

  • Human Resource Consulting

  • Executive Coaching

  • Leadership Development

  • Succession Planning

  • Assessment

  • Mentoring Programs

  • Disability Management


​IV. Our Clients and How They Benefit


Our clients are Executives, Senior Leaders, Professionals and all Employees who are interested in obtaining assistance with:

  • Solving difficult personnel and organization issues,

  • Working through complex organization and personal transitions such as organizational restructuring, career management, and outplacement

  • Improving and managing employee and organization performance.


We are experts in the field of Federal and Private Sector career navigation, transition & outplacement and are proud of the leading resources and innovative programs and top notch consultants that we offer and can bring to your organization.


Agencies gain many benefits by contracting with us. We offer our clients unique and highly creative approaches as we work together with you and your organization and agency. When Federal contracting officers, managers, and team leaders work with us they realize that...


Pressman Consulting, LLC is different from other companies because we:

  • DO NOT take a "cookie cutter" approach to helping you and your organization.

  • DO listen intently to your needs.

  • DO give you our undivided attention before we offer durable solutions.

  • DO customize a unique plan to help you turn difficult issues into Agency assets.

  • DO have flexible systems that offer you a large toolkit of resources to choose from.

  • DO use state of the art models and support systems, so you can see results quickly.

  • DO put together a highly experienced team that matches your project's requirements and understands your organization's culture.

  • DO understand the Federal Government and needs of Federal employees. How does this translate to the private sector? We help corporations doing business with the government become more effective in meeting their Federal client's needs.


We work with you, our client, and your designated project team(s) to successfully complete goals that meet and exceed your expectations with measurable results.


​V. Services and Products


Pressman Consulting, LLC has a network of expert Career Counselors and Transition Specialists, Executive Coaches, and Organization Development Consultants and Trainers with a wide range of experience working within the Federal Government. We design and develop creative solutions to resolve difficult issues and strengthen existing systems & structures in organizations.




High performing organizations are complex entities with structures, systems, processes, and networks that include diverse programs and use their human capital resources to bring strategic innovations and solutions together to meet organization goals and objectives. When it comes to achieving high marks and raising your organization's performance score card, Pressman Consulting, LLC is your strategic workforce development partner.

Pressman Consulting, LLC works collaboratively with executives, leaders, supervisors, technical specialists, and employees by coaching, counseling, training and providing subject matter experts to help organizations achieve targeted results.


Our experts are proficient in managing the effects of change on employees, managers, agency missions and organizations. Change affects everyone differently, but typically, most people try to avoid it or survive it, very few embrace it. Because change is constant, learning how to cope, manage and maintain communications and healthy relationships are included in the following transition solutions we bring to your organization.


Career Management and Career Counseling


  • Help employees assess and acquire skills necessary for optimum performance.

  • Provide the tools for employees to manage their careers throughout their lives.

  • Provide counselors who understand both employees' and employers' needs.

  • Provides resume & KSA development, interview skills training, and other strategic job search strategies to assist employees with moving to their next job.

  • Customized and COTS career management publications supplements all training.


Outplacement & Relocation Facilitation


  • Establish and manage full-service career-outplacement centers.

  • Conduct comprehensive group and individual-based job development activities and provide one-on-one and group career counseling.

  • Work effectively to help employees successfully transition to the next phase of their lives, whether it is moving to a new position, retiring, starting a business, or pursuing educational opportunities.


Strategic Workforce Planning & Development


  • Design and Facilitate Retreats or Workgroup Meetings in organizations that are experiencing change in their workforce due to retirement and redeployment of their human resources.

  • Experts in building competency development models for key functions such as leadership, supervision, team leader, and other specialties. Understands that classification and staffing system of the Federal Government and can team with HR Specialists effectively.

  • Research and complete studies and assessments of the succession planning needs of the organization as it relates to the strategic plan and government performance review.


Training and Mentoring

Experts in curriculum development, instruction systems design (ISD), and program development in many areas and specifically in leadership and supervisory development, professional technical skills development, team development, career management, communications and managing conflict as well as American Sign Language (ASL).

  • Extensive experience in using performance consulting skills to ensure that training is the first level of response for an organization's resolution of a problem.

  • Customized training is one of our strengths and is used mostly to take an "off-the shelf" or an "existing program" and customize the main elements and add distinctive elements from the client and their organization.

  • A full spectrum of assessments and evaluations are available to the learner whether they are for self-exploration or for 360 degree feedback.

  • A unique approach to mentoring and coaching that targets Senior Executive Officers (SES) and SES applicants.

  • Experienced in designing, implementing, supporting and evaluating a comprehensive career management system and installing and outsourcing the management of a career development center.

  • Offers unique ways to attend class through electronic means as the computer and internet as well as in groups over the telephone (teleclasses). Both are economical in time and cost to the organization.


Executive Coaching and Organizational Development


  • Brings expert teams that are qualified and certified in coaching executives of large and small agencies and organizations.

  • Uses performance consulting approach as a foundation for its consulting model to ensure that upfront analysis of the problem or issue is rigorous and clearly identifies where the strongest solution can be found.

  • Highly experienced in facilitating leadership and management teams, as well as work groups or project teams to get desired results. We use interest-based problem solving methods and other negotiation models to help Federal teams come to agreement on their difficult issues.

  • Our strength is in our ability to help managers and supervisors find and develop the strengths and talents needed to become effective and results driven leaders in the Federal Government. We have over 25 years of experience in training leaders and supervisors in the public and private sectors.


Disability Programs

Provides workshops and speaking presentations on how to apply the statutory requirements and case law to ensure inclusion of people with disabilities in our diverse workforce. Assists agencies with ensuring compliance under the Rehabilitation Act of 1973, as amended and the American Disability Act, 1990.

  • Consults to agencies' leaders on examining their levels of compliance with reasonable accommodations for their disabled employees, and helps them design and implement structures and systems that will place their organization in compliance with the laws and regulations.

  • Coaches leaders, supervisors and employees on ways to work together more effectively. Included is the ability to show organizations how to distinguish disability issues from performance and conduct issues.

  • Help the employee successfully return to work through accommodation and reorientation.

  • Expert in conducting research and organization studies with people with disabilities including the deaf and hard of hearing community.



  • Research & Organizational Studies (Statistical Analysis)

  • Disability Compliance & Reasonable Accommodations Expert in conducting research and organization studies with people with disabilities including the deaf and hard of hearing community.

  • Experts in Working with Deaf & Hard of Hearing Employees

  • American Sign Language


VI. Our Past Performance


A representative list of recent services provided to the Federal government includes:


Career Management – Career Transition Assistance, Counseling & Coaching

  • U.S. Department of Education

  • U.S. Department of State (Foreign Service)

  • Bureau Revenue Service

  • Transportation Security Administration

  • U.S. Treasury


Assessments & Organizational Development & Facilitation

  • Internal Revenue Service

  • U.S. Railroad Retirement Board

  • U.S. Department of Education

  • U.S. Treasury

  • Federal Energy Regulatory Commission

  • U.S. Department of Agriculture

  • Intelligence Community

  • Veterans Affairs Management


Training & Executive Development

  • U. S. Department of Education

  • U. S. Department of State

  • Veterans Affairs

  • Health & Human Services

  • U.S. Department of Treasury

  • Intelligence Community




Our Catalog




All sessions can be adapted to your organization’s specific needs by incorporating additional experiential learning activities, customized multimedia presentations that include PowerPoint slides with accompanying handouts, videos, and/or assessments.


These workshops have been designed to engage participants through active listening, reviewing case studies, and small and large group discussions. Books and articles and other resources will supplement workshops where appropriate. The programs and titles listed below are meant to give you an idea of the type of programs we offer.


If you don't see an exact title of a program you are seeking, Contact us! Chances are our instructional designers we can easily customize a program for you.


The following workshops/programs are organized into Seven categories:



Career Advisor Certificate Program

Managing Your "Own" Career and Individual Development Planning

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step I or II

Resumes: Tips, Tools, & Techniques for Creating a Powerful Marketing Document

Interview Savvy: The Ins And Outs of Behavioral and Performance Based Interviewing

Managing Stress - Achieving Work/Life Balance



Supervision Essentials for New & Aspiring Supervisors

The Extraordinary Leader: Going From Good to Great

The New TIME of Your Life: The Fundamentals of Time Management

Dealing with Conflict

Managing Emotions Under Pressure:

How To Stay Calm And Focused In Any Situation

Developing Performance Standards

Retention and Talent Management for Organizations



Managing Change from a Visual Perspective

The Value of Creativity at Work

Myers-Briggs Type Indicator Step I or II

Purpose & Vision: For Successful Individuals and Organizations



Communication Diversity | Cultural Understanding Genders | Generations

Building Your Disability Acumen

Disability Management & ADA Seminar

Moving from Customer Service to Customer Delight



A variety of leadership development, career management, stress management, and personality assessments are administered and interpreted by our team of licensed and certified professionals. Although we are not limited with the following instruments, we are experts in:

  • Myers Briggs Type Indicator Step I & II

  • DISC

  • Firo-B

  • SkillScan Personal Profile

  • True Colors

  • Strong Interest Inventory

  • Benchmarks 360

  • Values Inventory



Our team of licensed and certified counselors and coaches has earned a reputation for being the top in their fields and are often benchmarked for their best practices. They have earned relevant graduate Degrees, licensure and certifications. Several of our counselors and coaches hold leadership positions in National Employment and Career Counseling organizations and are published authors. Their Bios can be seen on the “Consultant Bios” section of the website.



We design our mentoring programs to meet your organization’s specific needs including structure, selection, and appropriateness of mentor/mentee matches to enhance learning success.

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